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Welcome to The Asia Beauty-art Experts Association(Singapore Branch), your number one source for all korean hair,beauty & semi-permanent makeup education.

At The Asia Beauty-arts-Expert Association, we are committed in giving every individual the very best in beauty education with integrity, quality and professionalism.

The Asia Beauty-arts Expert Association has come a long way from its humble beginnings in Korea. When we first started out, our aim was to streamline beauty courses and programs that would be easy for students to understand. Our ideology was to produce competent and confident beauty experts.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence together with the support of our partners has made us one of the leading and respected Beauty Association in Korea.

Today, The Asia Beauty-art-Experts Association has branches and offices in Asia, South East Asia, Europe and the Americas. Each of our associates are committed in serving our clients and students. We are proud to have had thousands of students graduating from our programs. We are honoured that we are able to turn our passion to reach a global scale.

To maintain the high standards required of our students, we have also organised an annual Beauty Skills Competitions where our graduates from all around the world come to compete in the various categories.

We hope that you share our vision and will support the various programs and products we offer.

Jenny Wong

Chairman of the Singapore Branch

The Asia Beauty-art Experts Association

Our Approved Educators


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