Diploma in Beauty Educator

Our Educators Package is specially designed to make your educators process as easy as possible. This course is perfect for anyone wanting to start a career in teaching within the hair, beauty & aesthetics industry.

Course include everything needed to show potential students your teaching materials are set to the highest standard and that your qualifications have been approved and verified. Students are looking for peace of mind and these packages can help with this as it shows that you are a professional educator and take your role as an educator seriously. This course fully insurable from providers worldwide. 

Have peace of mind knowing you can gain teaching insurance through our trusted providers. 

Course Duration: 2 Days

Group Class / Private 1-1 Class

(Theory + Practical + LIVE Model)

  • Plan and design training to gain commitment and enthusiasm
  • Run a training session and supervise training
  • Check that your training is effective, and that learning has occurred
  • Know how to create a training manual and what content to be included
  • Learn how to create your student certificates
  • Create a lesson plan
  • Advance PowerPoint & artwork designing skills 
  • Photo taking & image & video editing skills
  • Social media & marketing skills
  • Business management
  • How to start your own beauty academy business
  • Student consultation and support
  • Lifetime support from the association


  • Premier Study Kit & Educator’s Training Manual
  • ABEA Member Certificate + Badge of Recognition
  • ABEA Diploma in International Educator
  • BMIA Diploma in Beauty Educator

Awarding & Accreditation Bodies:

  • The Asia Beauty-art Experts Association
  • Korea Beauty Culture Education Association
  • The Beauty Industry Approval
  • Brow Mastery International Academy

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