Diploma in Eyelash Extension

The course has been established to train the best lash artists. Even an individual who doesn’t have previous knowledge of the beauty can enrol in this course. The knowledge and hands on skills of Korean single lash & volume lash grafting and application will be taught. After graduating from us, a graduate can perform configuration and treatment on her own.

Course Duration: 3 Days

Group Class / Private 1-1 Class

(Theory + Practical + LIVE Model)

  • What are eyelash extensions?
  • Preparation of the work area
  • Equipment and tools
  • Korean lash by lash technique & volume fanning
  • Differentiate style of eyelash extensions
  • How to touch up eyelash extensions
  • Gentle eyelash removal
  • How to create to volume lashes with layering single strand lashes
  • Maintenance of eyelash extensions
  • Pre & post care
  • Health and workplace safety
  • How to start your own eyelash business
  • Customer consultation and support
  • Lifetime support from the association


  • Premier Starter Kit for Single Lash & Volume Lash
  • ABEA Member Certificate + Badge of Recognition
  • AMEA Diploma in Eyelash Extension
  • BR Certificate in Korean Eyelash Extension

Awarding & Accreditation Bodies:

  • The Asia Beauty-art Experts Association
  • Korean Beauty Culture Education Association
  • Asia Accreditation Board
  • The Beauty Industry Approval
  • Beauty Recipe Aesthetics & Academy

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